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Showreel 2015
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Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Acrylic/fineliner on canvas board, 24"x18", approx. 12 hours
Quite frankly this is the best traditional painting I've ever done in the whole course. It has minor flaws, that flowing art nouveaurish look I'm digging at the moment, dominantly green/blue scheme, bubbles, decent shading/tinting, and glowing red eyes. I'd be dawmned if it fails to earn a high grade.
My first intention was to produce a piece of artwork based NOT on what was going on in the everyday world, but rather inside. The idea of a pallid figure drowned by her own hair entangled in a smack of jellyfish had been lingering at the back of my mind prior to the start of this assignment. When certain concepts emerged I figured it was best to change initial plans to focus on the more personal investigation at heart.

Here it represents feelings of distress or trapped within a dozy dream-like state. I believe that the human psyche, particularly when deep in thought, is like being underwater. Jellyfish have the freakiest of all body systems, as well as stings that figuratively scar the mind of a victim. And those barbs can cause excruciating headaches. Literally they are injecting their toxins into the brain and sucking the life out! It was Dead Man's Chest that put me off cephalopods.

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