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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

22/1/84: The Dawn of Macintosh

"Hey, we were watching that!"
That famous 1984 commercial aired during half-time at the Superbowl, the first of ‘major-event’ spots. The Orwellian/Blade Runner scenery was visualised by Ridley Scott, in which Big Brother is about to have it handed to him when an anonymous young female athlete hurls a sledgehammer at the big screen. Beats talking like robots.

For the first couple of days during Easter break we went to stay at Nana and Bampa's in Port Talbot, even though Emily had the flu. It was chilly down the Mumbles, but Mum got the shoes she wanted. In Cardiff, while Mum and Mick stayed in the warmth of the Millennium Centre in the company of the children's choir, I frolicked off for a bit like I usually do. We would have spent longer there if the weather was warmer and we took the train rather than the car.
I saw Horton Hears a Who! last Saturday. It's a wubbulous fantabulous adaptation of the book by the warrior poet Ted Geisel. Whilst accomplished to the Seuss material (no pun intended), Blue Sky's love for animation is evident in their films. This one has the most vigorous use of squash and stretch, deformers, particles (furs! feathers! holy freaking field of clovers Oh My!), expressions, and highly stylised shapes and colours in a CG toon. Both the jungle of Nool and Whosville are marvellous; the vocal talents were equally impressive, and the sound design for the musical climax was just wicked cool. The random 2D and anime kung fu spoof sequences, created by the aptly named House of Cool, were brief, but rather lovely. One of the animators has a blog.
Also looking forward to Ice Age 3 (dinos!), as well as Kung Fu Panda (which I hear will the best thing to come out of Dreamworks since Shrek 2) and WALL*E (again it's Pixar, so no-brainer), the kids at the screening were doing spot-on voice impressions.
Because of the Local Disk's increasingly low memory, I recently had to order a 500GB external harddrive.

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