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Thursday, 19 June 2008

The legends were true...

Because Mum was off work for a fortnight we went to the Tutankhamun: Golden Age of Pharaohs exhibition last Thursday. The treasures, which influenced the Art Deco movement, were magnificent, still shining gold and bluey-blue even after a few millennia. The sarcophagus of Tjuya, the embalming containers, the ankhs, the crook and flail, chests, the collossal head statue of Akhenaten, the mannequin, the statue of Sekhmet, neckbraces, medicine bottles, the pricey gift worth the ticket price, though no funeral mask. I'd rant about false advertising, but you could view the actual tomb of Tut in the Valley of the Kings via webcam. Mum was particularly giddy by the x-rays and CT scans.

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