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Sunday, 1 January 2012

g'night 2011, hello 2012

While I watch the Hootenanny and celebrate on this part of the world, then go to bed because after 1am I easily drop off…

2011 was fantastic. Despite a few struggles, a phase or two, the rest of it was quite possibly the most reflective, illuminating, and happiest times I’ve ever had.

I realised I didn’t have to spend so long on projects to make them good.

I opened up, made new friends, and there is no better gift than that. Folks from industry even took the time to explain their craft, online or in the flesh.

As well as that…

* meeting stars and glomping David Tennant at EMS at Earl’s Court
* being called Superwoman by David Miliband MP
* meeting Sansita Jackson at her father Rev Jesse’s Honorary award ceremony
* high-fiving David Walliams and James Corden
* attending Big Screen at the O2; meeting Warwick Davis, Kim Newman etc
* sketching up a twitter avatar for Benjamin Cook
* being on TDKR set…without setting foot out of Leicester
* making James Woudhuysen laugh

Things I’m proud of…

* giving a presentation on artificial world creation
* being appointed as art director on a marketing campaign for Embrace Arts
* meeting other like-minded people at conventions and/or closer to home
* my current portfolio
* making others happy and helping them
* sorting my own problems out

2011 is about to fade away, so…

Resolutions, or things I wish to improve for 2012:

* maths and computer science
* don’t leave things to the last minute
* business accumen
* time management
* network some more
* improve artistic skills/abilities and competences and start a career
* animate
* play around with Maya

Aaaaaand the BIG movies I’ll definitely see on opening weekend:

* John Carter
* The Pirates!
* Prometheus
* The Dark Knight Rises
* Brave
* The Hobbit

Let’s make it a good one.

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