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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Rocking my world in 2013, part 2


Let's keep it brief...
  • Months after rethinkyourmind's prize presentation at House of Lords, the Yellow Book launch took place at Rothley Court. Tanya and me spent all day there; we hung out with Rubie Colt, Refuge, SISO and made more new friends.
  • I couldn't miss out on beach weather, so during the hottest week in July, South Wales had twice as many treats, (although the washed up dogfish on the sand don't count). Buying a MacBook Pro the moment I knew I received a business loan, celebrated with a meal and dessert down the Mumbles. My first IMAX experience. Cardiff Food Festival. Caswell Bay has not changed a bit, it was visiting an old friend.
  • On both occasions I stayed with Nana, everything just seemed to come together. I helped her adjust to her iPad, in return she cooked a gravy dinner on all three nights. Bonfire Night was quite spectacular in Port Talbot.
  • Stepping into the actual TARDIS set, now that rarely happens. It was very warm in there. Follow that with lunch at Mimosa and see Gravity in the best way possible, 7/5/2013 was seriously the best day ever. No question.
  • Before heading to Vue West End, I couldn't not visit Speedy's Cafe. It's a small, welcoming cafe that's also a wee church for Sherlock fans. Also lucky to be in Trafalgar Square at sunset; the following morning the British Library had treasures of the literary kind on display.
  • The Good Food Show made me love cheese and cranberry and pesto and wine. The Hairy Bi'ers were entertainingly NSFW.
  • Britain won Wimbledon, Leicester lost to Hull for the City of Culture title
  • HOLT SHEEP was that a meteor over in Russia
  • Salmon salad + pasta became my favourite tea time meal
  • The wildlife in our garden are spoiled on nuts and seeds and fat balls. We certainly gave nature a home.
  • There was an ad that popped up occasionally in full or abridged. It featured an adorable Westie with his old master. None of us expected to be so moved by something advertising pet food.
  • Simple Minds rocked De Montfort Hall with new songs and classics.
  • Round the corner from finishing the Gold Arts animation, Sam Bailey arrived in town. It was a strange experience seeing her, like after suddenly ascending into stardom she finds the time to come back to earth.
  • As much as I will miss new weekly podcasts, shut down at just the right time. I owe them for getting me through university, making me think differently about film, and finding humour in the unlikeliest of places.

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