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Sunday, 25 March 2007

I've got red on me

The first time I watched this was when it was one of our case studies for the British horror genre unit in Media Studies with Mr Lissaman - a reintroduction to Simon Pegg that was to be the start of a beautiful relationship. My heart swells with admiration as it does from a single episode of Spaced. I highly reccommend you also see Hot Fuzz, because Edgar Wright's style and the funny as hell script are just as awesome too. I was no hardcore gore whore, but Pegg, Wright and Nick Frost have helped me overcome my hurdle, so now I see a living corpse as a figure of fun.

Shaun of the Dead is airing on ITV2 tonight and tomorrow, if I watch it with the whole family it would be a [Sunday] night like no other!

1 comment:

Mugwump101 said...

Is Spaced any good? I want to get it but I'm not sure if it'll be any good esp. since I'm not really into humor unless it's done right (like in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz).

Wonderful S. Pegg art! =D