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Showreel 2015
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Friday, 30 March 2007

Someone out there likes me!

Although I'm a runner up - Best of the Rest, not bad eh? - I am so overwhelmed with gratitude it's unbelievable.

This will be another reason for my parents to be proud of me, when or if I tell them. Even if the guys didn't pick it - I don't know if they even liked it or not! - coz the winner's much better than mine, it didn't just prove I can draw squat. My entry for this competition demonstrated my ability to record ideas and present a personal response*. Soon after the abysmal attempt to make it to the Brum signing due to the adverse weather conditions, I felt the kick to do some art. Because Mumble HappyFeet tol' me to! And after the effort to come up with an original and clever composition, and after the nerve-wracking patience, it finally paid off.

It will be such an honour to sync this winning soundtrack to my player. Furthermore I'm gonna do 'em proud and keep on drawin'. It feels like being picked to play for the top team. So just for the record, big hugs and thanks to the guys and Universal!

*This is what the art exam currently requires.

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