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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What I did during a lengthy period of downtime

Simple Minds at De Montfort Hall
House of Lords
Feeding baby ponies
After being a finalist at CEO Business Venture Awards, my business plans and ambitions are going to be realised with help from The Prince's Trust, Spring Into Action and O2 Think Big/somewhereto_. Working on some pending projects all through summer, and I'm thinking of buying or leasing a Mac for animating, editing and compositing videos. To Cloud or not to Cloud, that's the question.

Went on another London adventure in early May:
National galleries; rethinkyourmind's prize giveaway at Cholmondeley Room, tea and scones, drinks at Leicester Square; free hugs - "LET ME LOVE YOU!" - outside the Empire cinema; random Lee Ryan encounter; Carnaby quest - failed to find the Rolling Stones shop, which, like the Wardrobe, must have moved to another location; and an eccentric Mexican bus driver who took us back home.

3 episodes into Breaking Bad, it's absolutely gripping. Like a book that's impossible to put down. And it's darkly funny, too. Ready for series 2, then 3, 4, 5...


Perks of Being a Wallflower
I love a good coming-of-age movie, and this is no exception. Really great, empathetic performances from the leads as outsiders; episodic as it's character-driven, as it's meant to be, about being in the moment.

Waking Sleeping Beauty
more about the business side but not without the artistry of Disney's 80s/90s phase, the era that made me who I am today. The footage with Howard Ashman was deeply emotional and inspirational.

The Great Gatsby
Baz Lurhmann is making me want to read the book and buy the soundtrack. Lots of colourful fun. Surprisingly violent in the last half.

Ernest and Celestine
Short and sweet caper about a mouse befriending a bear who loves chocolate. What's not to love?

Holy Motors
pure art-house, but it's a good one. Loved the music and cinematography.

While the story and voice acting are nothing special, there's always something to look at in every gorgeous Blue Sky rendered frame.

Star Trek Into Darkness
initial thoughts – action-packed pee wee! Intense! Cumberbatch! Scotty! Purists to the left! The visuals look amazing in 3D, sound design was terrific, and Benedict is so boss as John Harrison – a chilling presence that's miles away from The Little Red Hen.

Iron Man 3
The sky-falling daisy-chain sequence was a highlight amongst the explosive action. Might have been a bit too sassy – and it does borrow a plot point from The Incredibles – but there was some good commentary on news coverage, and I did love the relationship between Tony and Harley.

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